Rock climbing in Iceland

Feel the grip of basaltic rock as you climb breathtaking cliffs in Iceland


This tour offers a personalized climbing experience near Reykjavik – all within a scenic 1-hour drive! We’ll choose the perfect crag based on weather conditions and climbing level, ensuring a safe and enjoyable climb.

Climb out of your comfort zone:

  • New to Climbing? No problem! We’ll provide a comprehensive lesson on essential gear, rope systems, and belaying. Get comfortable with the basics and experience the thrill of your first climb.
  • Refine Your Skills: Focus on specific techniques to elevate your climbing. Whether it’s footwork, route reading, or mastering belays, our expert guides will help you push your limits.
  • Relaxed Climbing Day: Enjoy a beautiful day out scaling some fantastic routes! Choose climbs that match your skill level and savor the Icelandic scenery.

Beyond the Basics:

  • Experienced Climber? Iceland boasts some incredible trad climbing opportunities. We can tailor a tour specifically for trad climbing, with the necessary adjustments to gear and approach. (Please note: trad climbing requires specialized skills and equipment, so please ask us about it when booking the tour.)

What we provide

What you bring

Safety comes first, so if the weather is not good, we may change the date of the tour. If we cannot provide a date on the following day, we will offer a 100% refund.

By choosing us for your trip you are choosing a socially committed and environmentally friendly company.

Let's craft the perfect climbing experience for you in Iceland