Skessuhorn is one of the most beautiful mountains close to Reykjavík and probably of Iceland. It is a pyramid shaped ridge with delicate steps that offer a wide variety of climbing styles.

Trip description

Skessuhorn is a perfect start of mountaineering, as it has different routes that can be chosen depending on the skill level of the climbers. If you are a hiker trying to get into mountaineering or alpinism, here is a peak that you can do with our professional guides through a snow climb and scramble. However, if you have some more experience, you can try the more challenging “ridge direct”, that involves delicate climbing moves. All while the guides are going first and making a safe passage so you can experience the freedom and beauty of alpine climbing. 

The trip starts with a 8 km hike on moderate terrain to get to the beginning of the climb. Depending on the group it can take 2-4 hours. That is when the 600 meter ascent starts, counting with ropes to make the way up, this should take 3-4 hours. After a good time at the peak, we can descend and make the way back, which should take around 3-4 hours. 

What we provide

What you bring

Safety comes first, so if the weather is not good, we may change the date of the tour. If we cannot provide a date on the following day, we will offer a 100% refund.

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